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Universal cleaner based on citrus peel extracts | tested effect according to DIN EN 1276 and 1650


WEICON Citrus Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner based on alcohol and citrus peel extracts. Thanks to its high isopropanol content of over 75%, WEICON Citrus Cleaner makes use of its disinfectant effect and thus supports the overall cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. It is suitable for all-purpose use and can be used in industry and skilled trades, in window construction, in public facilities and public transport, in construction companies, and around the house. It cleans a wide variety of materials, such as metals and plastics, glass, ceramic as well as painted and coated surfaces*. WEICON Citrus Cleaner also achieves a high level of effectiveness and reaches high efficiency in basic hygiene and the support of additional hygiene measures, the cleaning of frequently used hand tools, soiling caused by pencils, ballpoint pens and felt-tip pens. *For safety reasons, the material compatibility should first be checked on a non-visible area.

Weicon 11217400-35 Citrus Cleaner

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