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70-87 Metaflux PTFE - 100 Spray 400ml, MSRP $447.60, save over 65% - Limited Quantities - Your price $150.00 for 1 case of 12 cans


No Certs Provided


Our purchasing department's mistake is your opportunity for BIG Savings.

Universally recommended for gliding tracks and slide rails and as separating agent for plastic. Spray onto the clean dry and grease free surface. When a thicker layer with multiple applications is required, allow each layer to dry well before the next aerosol application.


• Anti-stick lubricant spray for clean 100% pure PTFE coating
• Clean and colorless
• Grease-free
• Firmly adheres to surface
• Dust, dirt and water repellent
• Resistant to oil, water and other liquids

70-87 Metaflux PTFE - 100 - 1 case (12 cans) SAVE over 65%

SKU: 70-87 Case
$447.60 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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