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70-4001 Metaflux Zinc Paste 1 kg can - Anti-Corrosion Coating - (also available as a spray - Metaflux 70-45) MSRP $82.84, our price


Top quality long-term thick-layer zinc coating for large steel and metal surfaces that are continuously exposed to corrosion in extreme climates and weather, such as civil and military infrastructures, farm equipment, port facilities, marine and shipyard installations, pipelines, oil and gas platforms, etc. METAFLUX Zinc Paste contains extremely little solvent. Highest quality thick-layer long-term zinc coating for civil and military installations in all extreme climate and weather environments. Used by U.K. military and NATO (NATO Stock No. 7520-99-212-4616).


• No cracks in protection film cohesion
• No capillary cracks
• Complies with DIN 50.976
• Resistant to salt, saltwater, acid rain and heat
• Corrosion-proof zinc coating
• Thick-layer application system for large surfaces
• Dries rapidly through exposure to O2
• No capillary cracks
• No zinc sedimentation in the tin
• Ready-to-use at all times
• No thinning required for airless spraying when using nozzle size 4 or 5
• A thickness of up to 150 μm in one coating is possible
• 1 Kg [2.20 lbs.] may coat up to 2.5 m² [26.90 ft².] according to layer thickness at 100 μm.

70-4001 Metaflux Zinc Paste 1 kg can

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