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Metaflux 70-25 Metaflon Spray, 400ml Spray Can - CASE of 12 Cans - $29.40 per can


Provides clean lubrication in all industrial, commercial, professional and automotive fields e.g. flanges, hinges, joints on machines and vehicles. Clean the surface from grease and dirt. Spray thinly and allow to act. If necessary, remove residues with a cloth afterwards.


  • High performance lubricant spray with PTFE
  • Bonds firmly with no dripping
  • Good flow capacity
  • Prevents freezing up
  • Eliminates grating and squeaking noises
  • Does neither attack rubber nor painted surfaces
  • Penetrates below the moisture
  • Silicone-free

70-25 Metaflux Metaflon PTFE Spray - Case of 12 Cans

SKU: 70-25
$504.00 Regular Price
$352.80Sale Price
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