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306043 MOTOREX Spindle Lube ISO VG 46, 5 Liters (1.32 gallons) Bag in Box - Limited Quantities


MOTOREX Spindle Lube Oils are microfiltered HLP-D hydraulic fluids (DIN 51 524/T2).  Their guaranteed high purity make them ideal for lubricating bearings in motor and high-speed spindles. The purity class is set at 15/ 13/10 under the ISO 4406 standard. These specially developed spindle lubricants have outstanding detergent and dispersant properties. They also contain sophisticated wear-reducing ingredients and boast effective extreme pressure (EP) properties, rapid air release and top-notch anti-foaming.


SPINDLE LUBE OILS are ultra-fine filtered HLP-D hydraulic oils (DIN 51 524/T2). The purity class is specified as 15/13/10 in accordance with the ISO 4406 standard. They are characterized by excellent detergent and dispersing properties.

306044 MOTOREX Spindle Lube ISO VG 46

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