ZW3D Mold

Whole process 3D mold design takes engineers from the product to parting design, runner, cooling, slider and gate design, moldbase, standard parts (such as: screw, ejector pin, guide), electrode and BOM.

Detailed information:

Parting Design

ZW3D hybrid modeling technology allows designers directly work on the open geometry. It doesn’t need to take much time to repair poor geometry. And flexible parting ways greatly improve the efficiency.
• Fast split solids or open geometry without healing models
• Two splitting methods are available-by parting line & region faces
• Automatically or manually create parting line, inner holes and parting face
• Support multi-cavity design & multi-product design
Runner and Gate Design

Except for general modeling functions, runner, cooling, slider and gate features speeds up mold construction design.
• Easily and fast create runners or gates with one single operation
• Designers can freely modify the parameters according to actual needs
Moldbase and Standard Parts

Abundant moldbases and standard parts are available to standard techniques, reduce man-made mistakes, shorten production cycle, and increase mold design efficiency.
• Provide numerous kinds of standard moldbases and standard parts from famous supplier, including MISUMI, FUTABA, HASCO, DME and LKM
• Engineers can customize the standard parts according to the enterprise requirements

• Freely extract electrodes according to models features or face
• Define electrode blank size for multiple electrode, park gaps and EDM setting information
• Create electrode sparking drawing

• Streamline communicate through the fast creation of  2D layout and detail drawings
• Automatically generate BOM, hole tables and electrode tables
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