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The Metaflux product range consists of over 75 sprays developed in-house. Every year, innovative products are added to their offerings.  Metaflux development emphasizes three principles:
Metaflux Solutions

Metaflux products repay your investment many times over.  Trust Metaflux to provide the solutions your company requires for any of the following:

• Metallic coatings
• Lubricants
• Multifunction sprays
• Welding protection
• Upkeep
• Maintenance
• Cleaning

History Of Metaflux

A new aerosol technology began for manufacturers in Europe in 1955. Throughout the next 20 years, the focus was on putting existing liquids and active ingredients into spray cans.  In 1975, the Swiss company Metaflux AG introduced a completely new design for sprays, one that enabled problem-free coating of steel with zinc for the first time ever, achieving quality levels exceeding all international standards. 
In the following years, Metaflux further developed metallic sprays, using aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper and titanium for surface coating then began developing lubricating pastes containing metal. Today, two aerosol factories affiliated with Metaflux AG lend their experience, from over 50 years of producing 60-70 Million cans annually, ensuring consistently high quality.

Metaflux Products

Top Sellers
70-55 Metaflux Stainless Steel Care, 400 ml Spray Can
70-83 Metaflux Dri-Lube Spray, 400 ml Spray Can
75-17 Metaflux Citrus Cleaner Spray, 400 ml Spray Can
70-12 Metaflux Rust Solvent Spray, 400 ml Spray Can
70-81 Metaflux Gleitmetall Lubricating Metal Spray, 400 ml Spray Can (contains titanium)
70-17 Metaflux CC80 Multifunction Spray, 400 ml Spray Can
70-82  Metaflux Anti-Seize (Moly) Spray, 400 ml Spray Can
70-8535 Metaflux Gleitmetall Metal Lubricating Paste, 350 gram Can (contains titanium)
70-8508 Metaflux Gleitmetall Metal Lubricating Paste, 4 gram Packet (contains titanium)
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